Ernie Knox: From WAS Cyclist to Skier

After cycling with WAS in the summer, Ernie decided to try out skiing. Hear about how he came to WAS and what it was like for him to ski for the first time!

Before all of the WAS activities, I was in a work-related accident. I was at work when I fell off the back of a house and landed 16 feet down in the gravel. I was hospitalized for about 4 months. While in the hospital, it was suggested that I try hand cycling as a form of exercise. So, after reaching the one-year mark after my accident, I was cleared to exercise.

At first, I was unsure about trying hand cycling as an activity. I looked into Wasatch Adaptive Sports for hand cycling and have been active for the past year. I usually go cycling with WAS Instructor, Breanna but have ridden with almost everyone else. I have a great time every time I go to any event with WAS. I love getting outdoors. Participating with WAS is a great opportunity for me to get outside and stay active.

After spending the summer and fall with WAS, I decided to try out skiing. I hadn’t skied before my injury because of previous accidents. I had broken both of my feet twice, which resulted in a limited range of motion in my feet. So before this accident, I hadn’t skied or ridden a bike. But now that I have been cycling and skiing with WAS, I love it. I constantly look forward to anything I can do outdoors, whether skiing, cycling, or whatever else I can do. Even though my last accident left me paralyzed, I have been very active. I have not let it beat me into submission. I’ve just kept moving forward and doing a lot of things that I wasn’t able to do before!


  • Michael A Barker says:

    Ernie my brother from another we have gone threw much of life together. I have never heard you sound so up beat and excited can I say? I think it is awsome you have found so much in life to be so excited for and happy about. Thank you for sharing this with me.

  • Lucy says:

    I love your story Ernie! I too was introduced to WAS and was able to get out and enjoy 2 cycling events and had my first ski lesson a week ago and will enjoy my 2nd this Friday! You will be hearing my story soon, but I love what WAS has done for me! It has made me feel alive again being outdoors and being active!

    • Charlie McAvoy says:

      Thanks for your word of inspiration and encouragement. I’ve been recuperating from falling down a flight of stairs and some complications, I used to cycle a lot and have been feeling up to trying cycling again, anyway I am going to go out and start the adaptive sports.

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