5 Fun Ways to Fundraise Through the Hustle

The 3rd Annual WAS Hustle is right around the corner from July 20th through August 20th. We welcome everyone to sign up, including families, adults, youth, and WAS students. Invite your friends, and join us while we get moving all in the name of supporting adaptive recreation! This year, our goal is to cover 25,000 miles while raising $25,000.

To get started, register here and choose a mileage goal you aim to cover throughout the Hustle. Whether it is to bike 200 miles, walk 2 miles a day, or hike a new trail every week, pick a goal that you want to accomplish. When the Hustle begins, you will record your mileage each week as we work together to reach the overall goal.

While you cover miles, you can also choose to fundraise for Wasatch Adaptive Sports! Why fundraise while getting active? We believe this is a perfect way to raise awareness around increasing accessibility in recreation. What better way to help more individuals with adaptive needs get active through WAS programming, than by getting active yourself? As past participant Maureen shared,

“I love feeling like I’m contributing to something every day with miles!”


Here are a few fun ideas for you to fundraise while you cover miles throughout the WAS Hustle:

1. Miles for Money

Raise money based around the miles you cover. Hustle participant Danielle committed to swimming a ¼ mile for every donation her teamreceived. Another team committed to covering 1 mile for every $10 they raised. Choose a mileage to donation ratio and share it with your network to get them to commit to donating as you go the distance.


2. Use Your Skills to Provide an Incentive

Strong baker? Excellent painter? Give away goods to those who support you! Lexi, who participated in the past, gave away painted post cards to anyone who donated. Check out a video she created talking about how she came up with the idea and how it further led to a creative outlet after the Hustle. She won the highest fundraiser award in 2020!


3. Dedicate Your Activity to Your Supporters

WAS Hustler Allie decided to dedicate each one of her bike rides to anyone who donated. She based her mileage of each ride around the amount of money that was donated. For example, $100 donation would equal a 10 mile ride and a $500 donation would equal a 50 mile ride. During each ride, she would post photos and videos of herself completing the activity and give a shoutout to her donors.


4. Host an Event Your Supporters Can Join

Gather your friends and family together to either join you or cheer you on as you complete an activity during the Hustle. The Bears! Bikes! And Brownies! Team gathered their friends at a park one Saturday during the Hustle to all ride bikes together and enjoy brownies after. It was a fun day of covering miles and raising money together.


5. Use Social Media and Spread the Word

Team Bonk Brigade used their social media channels to share about their challenge and post their rides to encourage their followers to donate to WAS throughout the Hustle. They made stories and posts to explain their mileage goal and asked for donations through their social media. This was an easy and fun way to get donations while getting active for a great cause.

We’ve made it easy for participants to get started fundraising. After registering, each participant will receive their own fundraising page to use to gather donations. Learn more about these pages here. We’ve also put together a fundraising toolkit with sample emails and social media posts to use to spread the word about your challenge. You can find the fundraising toolkit here.

Did you know you can receive prizes throughout the Hustle? As you fundraise, you can win a bunch of great items along the way! When you raise $250, you will receive a WAS Yeti Mug, $500, you will receive a WAS mesh hat, $1000, a piece of KUHL gear, Gregory Nano Pack, and 2 Snowbird Summer Activity Passes. The team with the most funds raised will all receive Gregory Fanny Packs (limited to 10 team members) and the individual with the most funds raised will receive a Traeger Grill!

Haven’t signed up for the Hustle yet? Register by visiting give.wasatchadaptivesports.org/washustle22.

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