Push Boundaries, Reach Goals, and Impact Others, One Mile at a Time: Why HUSTLE with WAS and Camron Gabler This Summer

Camron Gabler first learned of Wasatch Adaptive Sports (WAS), a nonprofit dedicated to empowering disabled athletes with the equipment and education that they need to pursue outdoor sports, while his family was skiing at Snowbird Mountain Resort several years ago. “I wanted to go out on the mountain with my family, instead of my usual lodge lounging” says Cam. “So I took a few monoskiing lessons with WAS and completely fell in love with the sport.” It wasn’t long before Cam was confidently and independently traversing the entire mountain on his monoski. 

After becoming a regular part of the WAS community as a regular attendee of adaptive ski and cycling lessons, he started volunteering with WAS last year. “I strive to support others who also have disabilities and volunteering for WAS has been the best way for me to do so” he says.

In 2022, Camron saw the annual WAS Hustle event as a way to deepen his impact and support of the organization. The Hustle is a month-long summer physical activity and fundraising challenge that brings together adaptive athletes and supporters of the organization’s mission to collectively raise $25,000, cover 25,000 miles, and log 2,500 hours of physical activity time from July 15 through August 19. It is designed to be inclusive to all and embrace all kinds of movement.

Why participate in the WAS Hustle? Just ask Cam!

“Participating in the Hustle was a transformative experience that both challenged my own capabilities and allowed me to create a meaningful impact in the lives of others with adaptive needs” Cam says of his experience in 2022. “Combining my love for adaptive sports and my commitment to helping individuals push beyond their limitations, the fundraiser became an exciting event that stretched my comfort zone and filled my days with purpose.”

Cam teamed up with his family and friends, and together they raised more than $5,000 while covering over 2,300 miles. “For every $10 raised, we committed to covering one mile of activity. With the amazing support of friends, family, the community, and even local businesses, we emerged as the top fundraisers and collectively raised an incredible $5,000! We covered the miles through various activities, including exploring new hiking trails, biking, paddle, boarding, and running/rolling. It was exciting to push my own boundaries, reach goals, and see the positive impact we made. The event made me eager to continue advocating for others” he says. “Moving forward, I am determined to share my experiences and continuously push past my own barriers to be a better supporter of Wasatch Adaptive Sports!”

Cam plans to participate in the Hustle again in 2023. WAS hopes to build on the successes of the 2022 event that raised over $24,000 via more than 130 participants who collectively covered over 21,000 miles. Registration for the 2023 event opens on June 19 at this link. There is a $35 donation to participate, which includes a limited-edition pair of WAS socks. All dollars raised benefit WAS students and programs, and contribute to WAS mission to empower active living through outdoor recreation. Join Camron and our community of Hustlers as we cycle, paddle, hike, MTB, yoga, run, move, and fundraise our way to our goals!