Getting Riding Again with WAS Student Savannah

by Savannah, WAS student

In the last four years of life, biking has become an essential part of my life. My husband and I love mountain and dirt biking. Recently, I was in a repelling accident that resulted in the paralysis of my legs. During my recovery in the hospital, I watched multiple videos of paraplegics with similar injuries ride bikes, and was completely ecstatic to know that it was a possibility for me to get out and ride again!

At the hospital, I worked with many great therapists and nurses who recognized my interest in riding. They mentioned that they have a connection with Wasatch Adaptive Sports and have a spot saved every Friday for patients that would be interested in riding bikes with them. I felt butterflies! I got the chance to take two Friday spots during my stay at the hospital, and at times when my week was hard, I reminded myself that I only had to make it until Friday until I got to go ride again.

While riding with Wasatch Adaptive Sports, I was able to come in contact with great people, who were able to make it feel like I wasn’t disabled, but able. 

Thank you WAS! I look forward to being with all of you again!