“New friends, new opportunities, and new places”: Finding Empowerment and Community with Debbi and the WAS Women’s Ride

I first started with Wasatch Adaptive Sports in 1986 in the ski program at Snowbird. I had a great time but wasn’t a big fan of the snow. Last year I heard about the Wheelchair Palooza event and there I rediscovered Wasatch Adaptive Sports! I was able to ride an adaptive bike around for a few hours in the mountains and had such a great time! I signed up for lessons as soon as the season started this year. I have been able to try out 5 different types of adaptable bikes so far and ride almost 100 miles!

It has been very freeing and empowering to be able to get outdoors and reach new mileage goals each week. One of my favorite things with WAS is our women’s group. Every week we do an activity together and it has been an amazing experience. We have been road biking, paddling, mountain biking and have even done yoga in the mountains. It’s so inspiring to see everyone try so hard and it makes me try harder when I see other people with the same limitations achieve so much and have fun doing activities that we normally wouldn’t get to do.

The staff and volunteers are amazing at accommodating any needs you have to help you be able to participate as much as possible. I have signed up for the WAS Hustle this year and am raising funds to help more people to be able to get a chance to participate in such exciting activities.

It is such a great organization to be involved with whether you are participating, volunteering or donating! Thanks to WAS I have made some great new friends and have had opportunities to do things I never thought possible and go places I have never been. 

To support WAS participants like Debbi during the WAS Hustle, visit https://fundraise.givesmart.com/vf/WASHustle.