Reese’s Race Day

unnamedMeet Reese Thorne an 11 year old boy who loves adventure. He has tried all kinds of things with the help of many amazing people.

His adventures have included triathlons which he loves. His triathlons happen a bit different than most people’s but none the less AMAZING.

We wake up at 3 am and Reese is smiling instantly because he knows it’s “race day” On this particular Saturday we were headed to Jodanelle Reservoir to meet Heath who would be our “loaned legs” for the day.
The weather was perfect and we knew this would be a great day for a race. As we load Reese into the raft the excitement builds. Heath attaches himself to the raft by a rope and off they go. When the time in the water is done it is off to the bike trailer through cheers from the athletes waiting their turn to get in the water. A quick tradition to Reese’s special needs bike trailer and they are off. The faster they go the more Reese loves it. Once the miles on the bike are over they transition to the stroller for a quick 10k run (quick because Heath is an amazing athlete). When they cross the finish line there are cheers and tears in my eyes every time because I know crossing the finish line is only possible because of people like Heath being willing to give of their time and talent for my sweet boy.

I’ve always said the Education=Acceptance=Inclusion.

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