Tyler Schilhabel: The WAS Difference

The plain and simple fact is that I came to WAS with the hope of becoming an independent skier, but I have received so much more than that. I am more independent in all aspects of my life and most importantly I am a happier person because WAS allows me to leave my disability behind …

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Martina Huntington: Back (Monoskiing) on the Slopes

There’s no greater feeling than breathing in the fresh winter air and flying freely down the mountains again. It brought back the freedom and exhilaration I’ve missed for so long. I know we’re months into summer, and I’m excited for all the fun stuff to do with our little family, but a little part of …

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Tim Gamble: Staying Active After A Stroke At 26

Without the programs, instructors and support Wasatch Adaptive Sports has provided me, I would likely have not ever been able to participate in sports again. On Easter morning 2013, at the age of 26, I suffered a massive stroke caused by a blood clot that lodged in my right carotid artery.  As a result, the …

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Rachel Mendelsohn, DPT, PT on Adaptive Recreation

When the instructors at WAS present the option to try new skills in a safe environment with the assumption that anything is possible,  I have seen a huge improvement in participants’ self-confidence and their willingness to try other tasks.   For my day job, I work as a pediatric physical therapist for Primary Children’s Hospital. …

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“Adventure, Opportunity and Freedom”

Noah Zemke, father of Finn, describes the joy skiing has brought to his son and family.  “As a father, I get a deep sense of pride being able to have a small role in these moments. Even though Finn is nonverbal, these moments provide him an opportunity to have a voice.”   Finn was born with …

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Back on My Feet After a Decade: Erion Moore II

Former Southern Oregon University basketball star and WAS scholarship recipient Erion Moore II recounts his experience shredding The Bird. “…for the first time in nearly a decade I was able to participate in an activity on my feet and feel safe, balanced, and in control (while learning on top of it all).” After my first …

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Josh Caron: Reflections of a WAS Instructor

For a year and half, we were lucky to have Josh and Janet Caron be a part of the Wasatch Adaptive Sports family. Their contributions were innumerable and their impact unforgettable. Read retired Air Force Master Sergeant Josh Caron’s reflections on his time with Wasatch Adaptive Sports. We wish both of them the best on …

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